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  •  Date Posted: Wed, 29 Jun 2022

    We are really excited to announce our new name – Hampshire Harmony.

    Over the years we have seen many changes, not only with our name, which started off as the Oakridge Singers but also with different musical directors, repertoires and singing styles and with our reputation always growing.

    We aim to be the ‘choir of choice’ both now and in the future, making sure we remain relevant musically and encouraging new members to join us. All our members took part in selecting our new name for the choir, Hampshire Harmony; Hampshire encompassing a wider local area and Harmony reflecting our musical ambition.

    We are looking forward to singing as Hampshire Harmony from September 2022 with our first concert under our new name at Odiham Church on Sept 24th .

  • A Successful Open Evening
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 23 May 2022

    The Choir was delighted to welcome 7 prospective members to our Open Evening on 16th May, following a very successful publicity event at the Chineham shopping centre on 7th May.
    All seven ladies (5 Mezzos and 2 Altos) commented on how much they had enjoyed the rehearsal and how very welcome they were made to feel. They particularly appreciated the "buddy" system whereby a current Choir member from the same singing section volunteers to look after the prospective member for the first few weeks until they find their feet.
    They were certainly put through their paces as the Choir sped through almost our whole repertoire for our upcoming concert on 18th June. Pleasingly, our prospective members commented on the high standard of our singing, which is good to hear with the concert being only 4 weeks away! 
    We look forward to welcoming back our prospective members at future rehearsals and hope that they all go on to become full Choir members. 
    Of course, we continue to welcome new members at any rehearsal with our open door policy. There is no need to wait for an Open Evening to join us.

  •  Date Posted: Tue, 1 Mar 2022
    The cold and wet of winter were quickly forgotten, when on Saturday, 12th February an excited BLC membership gathered at Old Basing Hall for their first training day in two years.

    From physical and singing warm up exercises to playing games designed to get us thinking of how different groupings can affect the sound we make, to jumping in and out of an imaginary river to test our skills in making an entry on time, we did it all to a great deal of laughter throughout.

    In addition to learning new music and revising some of our existing repertoire we spent time on games and exercises related to technique.   We now know what is meant by big steps up and baby steps down and much more! Our MD, Rob Elliott was certainly very creative in giving us ways to improve our sound, presentation and performance, challenging both our mental and physical skills.

    It was not all hard work as we did find the time to enjoy breaks with pastries and a delicious lunch provided by Nicola. The lemon cheesecake was to die for.

    We were well supported throughout the day by our wonderful volunteers: Gail, Jacquie, Libby, Chris, Philip, Roger, and Brian who gave their time to help in setting up the room and tables for lunch and storing everything at the end of the day.  Brian in his marigolds up to his elbows in soapsuds  will be an abiding memory of a truly brilliant day.

    For some members this was their first experience of full-on training in every aspect of singing in a choir but all of us went home at the end of the day, exhilarated, fulfilled, ….. and somewhat exhausted!
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