Basingstoke Ladies Choir in Cornwall

31 August 2018

In June 2018 the choir travelled to Cornwall to sing with 2 Cornish Choirs.

BLC took part in two concerts in Cornwall. The first was with the Treverva Male Voice Choir at All Saints Church in Falmouth. We were made extremely welcome and enjoyed a party with our new friends afterwards. A wonderful warm and sunny day in Falmouth enjoying the sea shanty festival added to the fun.

The second concert followed on the Sunday in Penzance where we sang at St Mary’s church with the Levow an Bys Choir. Once again we received a wonderfully warm welcome. We learnt some of the Cornish language and took part in a workshop before the concert started which was great fun. The after concert party saw friendships being made and lovely food enjoyed alongside opportunities to learn a little Cornish dancing and partake in some shared singing.

Altogether the long weekend was a great success and everyone went home tired but happy.


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